Jet Peel

What to Expect?

JetPeel is a relaxing, yet highly effective medical facial treatment. Your provider starts by cleansing the skin, using a pressure wash of water and oxygen. The next step will be extractions or exfoliation, depending on your skin’s needs. Then the liquid infusion with finish off the treatment. A pen-like device is used to spray the oxygen-and-liquid cocktail on your skin.

How it Works

With the JetPeel treatment, your skin is infused with an exfoliating serum followed by a hydrating serum. The air pressure of a JetPeel treatment carries the serum over 4 millimetres into the skin where it then works its way up.

Despite the name, your skin won’t actually peel – this is due to the active ingredients penetrating so deep, which means they do not have to be used at high percentages that cause drying and flaking skin. In fact, with JetPeel, the skin remains hydrated.