Elōs® Plus

How it Works

There are three different elōs® laser treatments

1) The elōs® Plus Fotofacial treatment

It is a popular skin rejuvenation technique that uses optical and radio frequency energy to target pigmentation concerns safely.

2) ELŌS® Sublative RF

Sublative RF uses a matrix of fractionated bipolar RF energy to create a pattern of micro-injuries in the skin for new collagen production.

3) ELŌS® Sublime™

The elōs® Sublime™ treatment relies on radio frequency and infrared light energy to gently heat the dermis for new collagen stimulation and growth.

elōs® technology is a revolutionary step forward in the practice of aesthetic medicine. Because of this combination, the optical fluence can be lowered by up to 60% for more comfortable treatments while retaining enhanced clinical efficacy for all skin types. It combines diode laser energy with radiofrequency (RF) energy to smooth the skin's upper layer while penetrating into the deeper layers to tighten the skin. It is less painful than older methods like Thermage.